Interconceptional Care (ICC) is the term used to describe a woman's health before a baby is conceived. ICC supports the physician's role with counseling to prevent infant mortality, birth defects, premature birth and maternal death. When women are healthy prior to becoming pregnant, they give themselves and their children the best chance at a healthy life.

Proper Interconceptional care requires more than a single pre-pregnancy visit to the doctor. ICC focuses on health-related areas that can be linked to poor outcomes if neglected. Because everyone has different health obstacles, each area of ICC should be emphasized according to each person's risk factors.  Many women are not aware of their own risk factors.

Childbirth Miami Interconceptional Care Counseling
We ask you to contact Kay Palomino, our Certified Interconceptional Care Educator, to discuss what areas of ICC  would be the  most beneficial for you.  Prices will vary depending upon what topics we will focus on.
Interconceptional Care Counseling
Provides vital information to future moms explaining everything involved with having a happy healthy pregnancy and baby.
* Health and Wellness
* Nutrition and Physical Activity
* Risk Factors
This comprehensive program separates fact from fiction, explaining the important path to optimal maternal health care including baby spacing, nutrition, physical activity, prenatal and environmental risk factors.

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