• Pregnancy is not, "one-size-fits-all"  Couples find it  invaluable to contact  Kay Palomino, our Instructor, to answer any of your questions after your classes and through out your entire pregnancy.There are no extra charges because you should have the ability to speak with us and discuss your concerns.
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  • So many doctors in South Florida know Kay Palomino, personally and professionally. When patients choose to enroll in any of our classes, doctors know their patients can call her with questions regarding their pregnancy and Kay is able to advise you appropriately. She has been involved in the OB/GYN field for over 30 years. Please feel free to email Kay or call 305-245-2010 throughout your entire pregnancy

Kay Palomino, Instructor
  Certified Interconceptional Care Educator,
  Lamaze Int'l Labor Support  Specialist,
  Breastfeeding Consultant
(305) 245-2010