What happens if you need a C-section? 

Cesarean sections make up over one third of all births. You will learn about why a cesarean might be necessary, what is involved in the surgery, how your recovery will be and what to do in your next pregnancy.

This one session class is for expectant parents who are scheduled for a planned cesarean delivery or find it is medically necessary for a cesarean birth.  The class includes an updated and viewer friendly C-section DVD. Kay and the couple will discuss C-section preparation, anesthesia, role of the support person, recovery and postpartum adjustments.  In the grand scheme of parenthood, the c-section has the desired effect of delivering your baby safely into your arms.

A one on one consultation with Kay Palomino, our instructor, is one of the best ways to discuss your individual  pregnancy, concerns and options.   

By appointment only  --  Private Consultation
$100.00 for two hour class

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