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  • The ultimate in personalized attention and full scheduling flexibility, with the convenience of having us come to you! The class is tailored to your specific needs. A one on one class with you and your partner and  Kay Palomino, our instructor, is a wonderful way to discuss your individual  pregnancy, concerns and options.  Fee:  ($150.00) 

  • Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed your baby. Remember, breastfeeding is a learning experience for both you and your  baby. We discuss and demonstrate the information on the management of breastfeeding and how to make breastfeeding work in day-to-day living. This will help make breastfeeding a wonderful experience for you and your baby.

  • American Association of Pediatricians have been a staunch advocate of breastfeeding as the optimal form of nutrition for infants. Breastfeeding saves mom money. The cost of formula for a year will cost a minimum of $1,500 to $4,000.00  You also save on bottles and even medical expenses and time because it requires no preparation or clean-up     
       Fee:  ($60.00)
Sometimes women need assistance with breastfeeding after they bring their baby back home from the hospital. 
Fee: ($125.00

Delivering twins is a much different endeavor than delivering a single baby.  Proper nutrition and prenatal care are so essential for delivery of term or near term twins. A private childbirth preparation class for twins should start in your  24th week. ( Fee: $150.00) 
 *Childbirth Miami is the only program that teaches these types of classes    
Provides vital information to future moms explaining everything involved with having a happy healthy pregnancy and baby.
* Health and Wellness
* Nutrition and Physical Activity
* Risk Factors
This comprehensive program separates fact from fiction, explaining the important path to optimal maternal health care including baby spacing, nutrition, physical activity, prenatal and environmental risk factors. Fee is discussed before classes  are set up to decide what areas we should focus on. Just call us to go over some factors. (305) 245-2010

                                            Childbirth Miami 
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                           Childbirth Preparation Classes in Miami,  
                    Lamaze Techniques,  Breastfeeding Classes, etc.  Private & Group 

  • By choice  or medically necessary. This private class will let you know about the procedure and what to expect.
 Fee:  ($100.00)

Couples also consider including Kay Palomino,  your Instructor, in their labor & delivery plans at the hospital. Kay may need to support the coach or if needed, she may model supportive behaviors for him. 

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Childbirth Preparation Workshop     Workshops are not scheduled until  December 2015
Classes are a combination of demonstration, video presentation, and hands-on-practice. You will learn the signs and stages of labor, the role of the labor support person, the process of birth, and positions for labor and delivery. We will cover what to do during labor, when to go to the hospital, and details about all pain medication options 
Fee: $75.00
Our Group Workshops have been postponed until the end of December  2015.  Please feel free to contact our Instructor, Kay Palomino, with any questions