Normal labor, birth, and the early postpartum period (using DVD's of real births)

• How to be active and informed participants during childbirth

• Focused breathing techniques for labor

• Tips to help your partner be encouraging and supportive during labor

• The value of one-on-one support during labor

• How to communicate with your healthcare team so your needs are met

• Complications that could arise during labor and birth, and interventions that might be medically necessary
   including induction, Cesarean section, etc.

• Epidurals and other options for managing pain with medication

• Early interaction with your baby

What labor accomplishes
Signs before labor
Positive signs of labor
Phases of labor
What early labor is like
What active labor is like
What will happen at the hospital
Fetal monitoring

The Transition Phase.
Transition breathing (patterned paced breathing)
The second stage of labor
The urge to push
Controlling the urge to push
Delivery of the placenta

Epidural anesthesia
Techniques and positions to relieve back pain
Complications and interventions
Caesarean Section
Post Partum warning signs
Advantages of Breastfeeding
Birth Control
Surviving the first six weeks

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We will discuss and demonstrate all of the following issues and topics.
Knowing what to expect from childbirth can make it an experience you can approach with your mind at ease. We will cover what to do during labor, when to go to the hospital, and details about all pain medication options. Plus you'll have the security of knowing you can call our Instructor, Kay Palomino to answer your individual questions throughout your entire pregnancy.
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