Infant health: The importance of preconception and interconception care
                By Hugh E. Mighty, MD and Jenifer Fahey, CNM, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Medical care during pregnancy is extremely important to ensure good outcomes for both mother and infant, but to optimize outcomes we must undergo a real shift in how we think of prenatal care.

The preconception and interconception period is a window of opportunity to ensure that a mother and infant will be healthy and safe.

Interventions before pregnancy can reduce:

Infant and child obesity  child and adult diabetes
Birth defects
Preterm births
Maternal deaths
Fetal and infant deaths
the importance of preconception healthcare counseling to all women of childbearing age;
smoking cessation-counseling training targeting pregnant women and families of infants;
importance of folic acid supplementation for all women of childbearing age;
importance of optimal weight prior to pregnancy;
substance abuse patient education;
the importance of breastfeeding promotion