• Many couples consider including Kay Palomino, your Instructor in their labor & delivery plans as a labor support coach. Couples are even able to contact Kay to discuss the possibility of false labor symptoms so unnecessary trips to the hospital are avoided.

  • What happens to the father (e.g., the coach, support persons) when Kay is present? The father is free to assume whatever role is most comfortable for him. He can be a passive observer or an active participant. Men often have very deep concerns for their wife's safety in labor. Kay may need to support the coach or if needed, she may model supportive behaviors for him  and the father is relieved of the responsibility for primary labor support, a role that is often uncomfortable for many men. Mother, in turn, is  also relieved of any concerns she may have for his well-being, leaving her to concentrate solely on her labor.

  • Kay will discuss the pros and cons of pain medications and other medical procedures typically performed during labor and delivery. The support person will keep (them) aware of what might happen in an emergency situation or an unplanned cesarean.  In many cases being able to avoid having a ceasarean section. The labor support person does not speak on behalf of or in-place of (them) but rather, reminds (them) of her desires and her ability to make good choices. Patients who are prepared are more in control and able to process information from the nurses and doctors easier.

  • Each pregnancy and birth is unique and so the fees will vary.  The  amount of time she spends with you will play a predominate role with any fees. This is an individualized service so you will contact her directly to discuss, in detail,  this option.

  • Having a labor support coach is a great way to help keep you focused and keep you comfortable during this wonderful time! The mother and father who are able to sit back and smile at the memories of their childbirth experience are invaluable. 

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