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    Private Childbirth Classes in Miami

Your Private Classes allow you and your partner to gain knowledge and a level of comfort for labor and delivery.
In addition, patients who are prepared are more in control and able to process information from the nurses and
doctors easier.  View specific topics   .


We will  listen carefully to your needs and deliver a compact, efficient childbirth class perfectly designed for your learning style and interests.  Hands on practice, interesting learning techniques and “need to know” information delivered in a creative manner can be efficiently conducted in your home on a date and time that work for YOU!

Pre-Conception /Interconceptional Care Education and Counseling
Provides vital information to future moms explaining everything involved with having a happy healthy pregnancy and baby.
* Health and Wellness
* Nutrition and Physical Activity
* Risk Factors
This comprehensive program separates fact from fiction, explaining the important path to optimal maternal health care including baby spacing, nutrition, physical activity, prenatal and environmental risk factors.
Private Breastfeeding Classes
Breast feeding is the natural way to feed your baby. Remember, breast feeding is a learning
experience for both you and your baby.  Breast Feeding will also save money.  The cost of formula for a year will cost $1,500 to $4,000 
  • Fee:  $60.00  --  Two hour session

Preparing for Multiple Births Classes
Proper nutrition and prenatal care are so essential  for delivery of  term or near term twins.
A private childbirth preparation class for twins should start in your  24th week.
  • Fee:  $150.00
  • Four hour session
Preparing for a Cesarean delivery
By choice  or medically necessary.  This is a two hour private class class.
We will discuss what you personally should  know  about the procedure and what to expect.
  • Fee:  $100.00

In Home Private Breastfeeding Consultation
Sometimes mothers need additional assistance with breastfeeding after they bring their baby home from the hospital.
  • $25.00 per half hour

Childbirth classes should take place in your last trimester. Ideally they should be completed  by your 31st week prior to your expected due date.     FAQ's
Private Childbirth Class: 
  • $150.00 ---  Four hour session
A great gift idea for friends and family Gift Certificates
An additional fee of $20 will be charged if driving distance is between Brickell & Miami Beach
Telephone: 305-245-2010